The Boy Who Wore Bangles

The Boy Who Wore Bangles

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Age: 5+
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Karadi

Product Description

Navratri was Bhargav’s favourite festival. He loved everything about it – the twirling chaniyas, the steps of the popat dance, the sweet pendas after the aarti. But what he loved the most was the way the bangles on his wrist sang when he danced. This year, however, Bhargav wasn’t dancing. Papa had forbidden him from wearing bangles, a morose Bhargav tells Ba. Is there still a chance he can hear his bangles sing?

Riddhi Maniar Doda gently pens an innocent yet profound conversation between a boy and his grandmother while Shruti Hemani’s vivid illustrations enliven the festive backdrop of a Gujarati Navratri night.