Tales From Earthsea

Tales From Earthsea

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Author: Ursula Le Guin

Age: Adult

Format: Paperback

GoodReads Rating: 4

Product Description

Here, collected together for the first time, are five magical tales of Earthsea, the fantastical realm created by a master storyteller that has held readers enthralled for more than three decades.

The Finder, a novella set a few hundred years before A Wizard of Earthsea, when the Archipelago was dark and troubled, reveals how the famous school on Roke was started.

In The Bones of the Earth the wizards who first taught Ged demonstrate how humility, if great enough, can rein in an earthquake.

Sometimes wizards can pursue alternative careers - and Darkrose and Diamond is also a delightful story of young courtship.

Return to the time when Ged was Archmage of Earthsea in On the High Marsh, a story about the love of power and the power of love.

And Dragonfly, showing how a determined woman can break the glass ceiling of male magedom, provides a bridge - a dragon bridge - between Tehanu and The Other Wind.

This enchanting collection is rounded off with and essay about Earthsea's history, people, languages, literature and magic.