Puffin Classics: Vagrants in the Valley  - Ruskin Bond (Copy)

Puffin Classics: Vagrants in the Valley - Ruskin Bond (Copy)

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Author: Ruskin Bond

Age: 8+

Format: Paperback

Product Description

An evergreen classic about friendship and growing up, by a master storyteller. This book catches up with our favourite Rusty as he plunges not just into the cold pools of Dehra but into an exciting new life, dipping his toes into adulthood. Winding his way back to the city with Kishen, Rusty discovers that his beloved room is no longer his! Undaunted, however and in his trademark style, he forges new homes and new friendships as he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that spans the beautiful hillsides of India.

By turns thrilling and nostalgic, this heart-warming sequel is Rusty is at his best as he navigates the tightrope between dreams and reality, all the time maintaining a glorious sense of hope. Striking, evocative, witty and wise-this is an ode to youth and all its complexities, amidst the colours, sights and smells of Bond's India.