Lost in Translation - Jyoti Shinoli

Lost in Translation - Jyoti Shinoli

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Age: 8+
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Karadi

Product Description

“Nobody understands me here, Amma… How do I explain what I am feeling?” Tears rolled down his cheeks, his
nose running.

Giri’s parents are forced to leave their serene abode in Uttar Pradesh and migrate to a big city in search
of work. By the time Giri adapts to the new place, they migrate again. He tries his best to keep up with
the constantly changing surroundings – he finds kind friends and encouraging teachers along the way.
But will Giri ever be able to find a place he can call home again?

Jyoti Shinoli portrays the heart-rending story of a young boy whose life never ceases to be in flux –
yet who rises against all adversities and discovers the most important lesson of all.