The Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle

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Age: 7-11
Format: Paperback
Author: Deepak Dalal

Product Description:


One moonlit night, when Shikar, the squirrel, asks his favourite doves, Lovey and Dovey, to tell him a story, they recount their time at Stork-pur, a mysterious bird commune. A place no bird would ever want to visit. On a secret mission, the doves are taken hostage by a villainous stork whose dark plan is to rule the bird-world. Danger lurks in every corner of the caves the doves are imprisoned in, and they wonder whom they can trust? The talkative green pigeon, the mesmerizing whistling thrush or the magnificent golden eagle?

The feather-raising adventure ends finally in a story the doves dub as 'the story of all stories'--one that deeply affects Shikar and alters his notions of himself, his past and his origins.

Return to the Rose Garden to read about the enthralling capers of your favourite feathered friends and bird-squirrel, as they swap stories of daring and wonder.