Do You Want to be My Friend?

Do You Want to be My Friend?

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Author: Carle, Eric
Format: Paperback

Product Description

Do You Want To Be My Friend? (Picture Puffins) has been created by Eric Carle, the famous American illustrator of children’s books. This book features the story of a mouse who goes on an adventure in his attempt to find a friend for himself. In this well-illustrated picture book, the mouse meets various animals such as the giraffe, seal, hippopotamus, peacock, fox, etc., and bravely asks them to be its friend.

Not so surprisingly, none of the other animals that the mouse meets wants to be his friend. Along its journey, this brave mouse finally stumbles upon another mouse who is only too happy to be its friend. This book features the vivid depictions of each and every animal that the mouse meets over the course of his journey. In this way, children who read the book are able to learn the different kinds of animals.

Do You Want To Be My Friend? (Picture Puffins) was published by Penguin UK in 1979, and is available in the form of a paperback.