A Conspiracy in Calcutta (Series: Songs of Freedom)

A Conspiracy in Calcutta (Series: Songs of Freedom)

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Age: 9-12
Format: Paperback
Author: Lesley D. Biswas

Product Description

As the student protests gather momentum all across Calcutta, and police atrocities grow, ten-year-old Bithi wants to join in the struggle for freedom.

But living in a society where her best friend is to be married and just the fact that she is going to school is regarded with disapproval, how can Bithi play a substantial part? How can she fight those who are dearest to her? Discouraged but not daunted, Bithi schemes and plots and lies and is drawn into unexpected danger-all for the sake of fighting injustice in all its forms.

The Songs of Freedom series explores the lives of children across India during the struggle for independence.