The Snail With the Right Heart: A True Story
The Snail With the Right Heart: A True Story

The Snail With the Right Heart: A True Story

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*Goodreads Rating 4.1*

Format: Hardcover
Author: Maria Popova

Product Description:

★ A Kirkus Best Book of 2021: A Best Informational Picture Book
★ A Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings ) Best Children’s Book of 2021
★ A Spirituality & Practice Best Spiritual Book of 2021
Based on a real scientific event and inspired by a beloved real human in the author’s life, this is a story about science and the poetry of existence... The Snail with the Right Heart is a story about time and chance, genetics and gender, love and death, evolution and infinity—concepts often too abstract for the human mind to fathom, often more accessible to the young imagination; concepts made fathomable in the concrete, finite life of one tiny, unusual creature dwelling in a pile of compost amid an English garden.
Emerging from this singular life is a lyrical universal invitation not to mistake difference for defect and to welcome, across the accordion scales of time and space, diversity as the wellspring of the universe’s beauty and resilience. This boldly illustrated book about evolution for children features a large gatefold that opens up to immerse readers in the story and will help kids understand that nature is all about differentiation and that being different is beautiful.