The Girl Who Lost Her Yes

The Girl Who Lost Her Yes

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Age: 3-6
Format: Paperback
Author: Aarti Khatwani Bhatia

Product Description:

Six-year-old Mia loves going to the carnival. She loves eating ice cream. But she also loves saying 'No'. She loves 'No' so much that she rarely uses 'Yes'.

So, one day, feeling sad and left out, 'Yes' packs its bags and leaves. And in the days that follow, Mia realizes how she is unable to say 'Yes' even to the carnival, to ice cream and to all her favourite things!

What happens next? Does Mia continue to say 'No' to everything? Does 'Yes' ever come back to her? To find out, read this heartwarming story of Mia, the girl who lost her 'Yes'.