The Boy Who Lost His Spark
The Boy Who Lost His Spark

The Boy Who Lost His Spark

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*Goodreads rating 4.7*
* The Guardian Best Children's Books of 2022*

Age: 5+
Format: Hardcover
Author: Maggie O'Farrell

Product Description

The new children’s book from the multi-award-winning author of Hamnet, Maggie O’Farrell, paired once more with Daniela Terrazzini’s stunning illustrations.

Someone in this house was sad but pretending not to be. Someone – and this thought made a smile curl up on its face – needed some nouka-mischief. When Jem and his family move to the countryside, he doesn’t like his new home one bit. It’s an old cottage on the side of a hill, where strange things keep happening: shoes are filled up with conkers, the stairs become tangled in a woollen maze. Jem’s sister Verity is certain it is the work of a “nouka”, an ancient creature from local folklore that lives deep down inside the hill. Jem, however, is adamant that there is no such thing. But this small mythical creature, so attuned to the hearts and minds of others, does exist. And, what’s more, it is determined, through mischief and mayhem, to help Jem reignite the spark within himself once more.


"an autumnal balm for anyone in need of a little magic in their lives." -- Alex O'Connell ― children's book of the week, the Times

"Expert storytelling conjures up an unhappy boy whose little sister believes in naughty magical creatures. It suggests that a bit of wild behaviour can be cheering.” ― 
‘Watch Out For’ for children’s fiction in the Sunday Times

Traditional in its style, this beautiful book will tug at the heart of any reader regardless of age. […] No one would be unhappy after seeing the stunning illustrations that accompany this extraordinary story. ― 
Sunday Times, “The 60 children’s books you should buy this Christmas as chosen by the booksellers of Ireland”

a tender story […] Jaglenka Terrazzini’s illustrations sit at the book’s intersection of mythical intrigue and emotional turmoil. ― 
‘The next chapter in children’s picture books’, Financial Times

"A gentle, empowering tale with entrancing illustrations.” ― 
Daily Mail