Priddy Books: Stick & Play: My Toolbox

Priddy Books: Stick & Play: My Toolbox

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*Goodreads Rating 4*

Age: 2-5
Format: Board Book
Publisher: Priddy Books

Product Description:

Roger Priddy's Stick and Play: My Tool Box is a toolbox-shaped board book with fun illustrations and a clam shell of sticky play pieces which can be used anywhere in the book.There is lots to look at and learn about as children play with the stickers and learn about how a house is built.

The thick, reusable stickers can be stuck on any surface, and are a great tactile addition to the book.The attractive format and colorful illustrations give the book real pick-up appeal and the fun, informative text will make it enjoyable for parents and children alike. Pre-schoolers will learn a little about each tradesperson and what they do, and the steps and tools that are needed to build a house.Also available: My Busy Barn