Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream
Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream

Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream

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*Goodreads rating 4.3*

Format: Paperback
Author: Deepak Dalal

Product Description

Once upon a time, there were fields in the city of Mumbai. Panthers roamed the forests of Malabar Hill and the occasional tiger could still be spotted, swimming the harbour or prowling the fringes of the city. The sea flooded the channels that separated the seven islands of the city. And on one of the islands stood a Fort, guarded by cannons that bristled from black ramparts.

Vikram, Aditya and their friends Anirudh and Chitra no idea of the existence of this Fort. But in a cave, on a windswept mountain in the Sahaydris, Anirudh has a dream. He dreams of a boy named Irfan who once lived in this Fort. He dreams of a city long lost and a friendship both transformative and life-affirming.

Journey to the Sahyadris in the first part of this riveting tale where history meets adventure in one of the most beautiful locales of India.