Puffin Classics: Taniya
Puffin Classics: Taniya

Puffin Classics: Taniya

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Age: 8-12
Arupa Patangia Kalita
Format: Paperback

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. . . it would be hard to find another that could match Taniya.

Did you know that although Taniya was a very good dog, she was also quite cowardly? It was her antics and adorable nature that made everyone around her love her so much. Why! She was even fed hilsa fish with rice almost every day. Did you also know that she would also sing while Arunabh would play the harmonica or that she could detect an original Marie biscuit from the fake? She was quite the bundle of talent, the little Taniya.

Kalita's only children's novel to date, Taniya is a timeless classic in Assam. Masterfully translated in English by veteran Assamese translator Meenaxi Borkotoki, the book also celebrates the verdant landscape and the social and cultural milieu of the beautiful region.