My Trip to LA-LA Land

My Trip to LA-LA Land

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Age: 7-11
Format: Paperback
Author: Nandita DA Cunha

Product Description

"Mom! School holidays in a school?!"

Nine-year-old Tavishi is dragged by her mother to set up a library in a faraway mountain school in Ladakh. That's when the disasters start piling up...

A lurking grey 'ghost'; Treks across 'moonscapes' with donkeys;

And a bad start with the teacher's daughter Tashi!

She has to get back NOW.

Then, Tavishi's super-active imagination lands her and Tashi in trouble.

Can that same imagination get them out?

Read Tavishi's travel diary to find out...

A laugh-out-loud story of friendship and adventure, annoying moms, and new beginnings...

Includes photos that give you a peek into the culture and landscape of La-la Land - the glorious mountainous region of Ladakh!