Munni Monster
Munni Monster

Munni Monster

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Age: 9-12
Format: Paperback
Author: Madhurima Vidyarthi

Product Description

'She was angry too, angry inside; about this unknown person who was being suddenly forced into her perfect life. That she would have to give up her room-her bed!-and share Thamma with this-this . . .'

Mishti's life changes when her grandmother's cousin Munni, who has cerebral palsy, comes to live with them. Her only thought is to make her leave, somehow.

But as time goes by, Munni shows strange endearing habits and when matters come to a crisis, Mishti is no longer sure that Munni is really the monster she thought she was.
A funny moving story about a ten-year-old dealing with strange and difficult changes and disability, and above all, about love.