Leonora Bolt: Eco Engineer

Leonora Bolt: Eco Engineer

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*Goodreads Rating 4.3*

Age: 7+
Format: Paperback
Author: Lucy Brandt 

Product Description:

Leonora Bolt makes amazing gadgets from any old junk. And her inventions have already stopped villainous Uncle Luther TWICE, though she hasn't rescued her super-scientist parents from him - yet.

Leonora and her pals find clues that lead them to Luther's latest evil plan. It's an amusement park called Brightworld built in a desert, under a massive snow globe - and it's terrible for the environment!

But when all their fancy-pants gadgets fail in the hot-hot heat, it's down to Leonora to use her eco-engineering imagination. Can she invent something to shut down Brightworld and save her parents - before there's a meltdown?