It's OK to Cry: A picture book to help children talk about their feelings

It's OK to Cry: A picture book to help children talk about their feelings

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Age 3-6
Hardcover, July 2020 Release

From the best-selling author of How Are You Feeling Today? comes a picture book that sensitively deals with developing emotional intelligence in young children.

Young children can find it really frustrating when they are unable to articulate what they are feeling and express their emotions. Cue: this book! Written with boys in mind because they are often encouraged to suppress their feelings, Molly Potter covers a whole range of emotions from those that are uncomfortable to happy feelings where you care about yourself and other people.


Perfect for starting those all-important conversations, It's OK to Cry includes colourful illustrations, child-friendly strategies and vocabulary for managing feelings, and helpful notes for parents, carers and practitioners.

"The text [...] is very clear and will prompt lots of discussion. Equipped with the ability to articulate to themselves and others exactly how they are feeling and why will enable
children to deal with strong emotions. The illustrations by Sarah Jennings are fun and
friendly, and Potter’s approach will prove very helpful for children, parents and teachers
alike."- Books for Keeps, Chosen as book of the week
"A must-have for all primary classrooms and homes in which parents want their boys to
be able to express how they are feeling in a calm and open manner." - Reading Zone