Heroes the Colour of Dust

Heroes the Colour of Dust

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Age: 10+
 Amit Majmudar

Product Description

Everything in this book is absolutely true, including the things that happened, the things that didn’t really happen and the things that would have happened if history had been more interested in telling an exciting tale!

Gandhi and his followers intend to set out on their long walk to Dandi to protest a salt tax, but little do they know of the dangers that stand in their way. They mustn’t despair, for a group of fearless sparrows are ready for self-sacrifice and derring-do. They’ve made a resolution, you see, to protect Gandhi from any foe-bird, mutt or Britisher.

Open this book to join the ranks of the Mahatma’s Guards-heroes six, with India’s greatest poet in the mix-as their adventure takes wing!