Champs of Devgarh
Champs of Devgarh

Champs of Devgarh

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Age: 8-12
Format: Paperback
Author: Aditya Sharma

Product Description

In Champs of Devgarh, author Aditya Sharma takes a step beyond and makes smart use of cricket to narrate a heart-warming, coming-of-age tale that is embedded with allegories about human emotions, relationships and determination. Simply put, this book is about a bunch of boys belonging to the Holy Mission School whose immediate goal is to preserve their school's stature in the upcoming R P Memorial Trophy.

Coloring its characters into specific categories, this work of fiction delineates the passion with which one has to approach their goals. It's a package of sorts where the author utilizes a series of experiences to cause character-transformations. Characters have a believable quality in this story which makes use of an emotional setting to drive itself forward.

The book explores delicate phases in life that change perceptions, help comprehend monetary needs and brush past first love. Characters in the book balance sports and education in addition to respecting victory and defeat equally in life.