Animals in the House - Ruskin Bond
Animals in the House - Ruskin Bond

Animals in the House - Ruskin Bond

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Age: 5-8
Format: Paperback
Author: Ruskin Bond

Product Description:

‘Grandfather and I saw eye to eye on the matter of pets, and whenever Grandmother decided it was time to get rid of a tame white rat or a squirrel, I would conceal them in a hole in the jackfruit tree.'

Instead of having brothers and sisters to grow up with in India, young Ruskin had several odd companions, including a monkey, a tortoise, a python and a Great Indian Hornbill. His grandfather was responsible for all this wildlife, and their home in Dehra became a centre of action and laughter as a variety of creatures were brought home―the furry, feathered, fierce and friendly―all under one roof.

Bursting with delightful illustrations, this chapter book features endearing characters and hilarious episodes, making it a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Ruskin Bond!