Priddy Books: Alphaprints: ABC

Priddy Books: Alphaprints: ABC

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Age: 0-3

Format: Board Book

GoodReads Rating: 4.3

Age: 0-3
Format: Board Book
Publisher: Priddy Books

Product Description:

A new take on an ABC book, Roger Priddy's Alphaprints: ABC is a charming and creative book which will delight children and parents alike. All of the letters of the alphabet are illustrated using colored finger and thumb prints, turned into animals with the addition of simple illustration. The pictures are described using imaginative, rhythmic text which is fun to read and to listen to.

A clever and engaging way to teach babies and toddlers their ABCs.Bestselling Roger Priddy's Alphaprints are perfect read-aloud books for parents to share with their children and a fun way to help them learn.