A Time for Ebby - Poile Sengupta

A Time for Ebby - Poile Sengupta

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*Goodreads rating 4*

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Karadi

Product Description

The Ebons made the best grandfather clocks in the town of Nimish . They were such excellent makers of grandfather clocks that they became richer and richer as the years went by .Yet, the eighth Father Ebon, the present head of the family, was unhappy. Ebby, the daughter of the eighth Father Ebon, is adept at a lot of things. But she wishes she could put an end to her father’s sadness, and wonders how she could help. Until one day, she stumbles upon a treasure! Could it lift Father Ebon out of his gloom? Poile Sengupta narrates this fascinating story with emotion, enthusiasm, and a dash of drama