DK 100 Indian Animals

DK 100 Indian Animals

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*Goodreades Rating 4*

Age: 8+
Format: Paperback
Publisher: DK

Production Description:

This easy-to-use field guide featuring 100 common animals of India, both common and rare, is perfect for budding nature enthusiasts.

DK’s 100 Indian Animals offers a wholesome view of the world of Indian animals – mammals, reptiles and amphibians – allowing easy recognition of 100 most common animal species found in India. Stunning images complement the simple description of individual profiles – with essential information on the physical description, habitat, where to see the animal, and its IUCN status. The introductory spreads showcase the fascinating diversity of fauna in India, their role in the ecosystem, how human intervention has threatened their existence, and the steps taken for their conservation.

With fascinating stories, such as how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates, 100 Indian Animals offers an engaging introduction to the diversity of the animal kingdom.